If you put advanced AR capability into a pair of glasses, with voice, gesture, or eye movement controls, then every current Smartphone capability could be accomplished with a pair of glasses. Google glasses first appeared in 2013 and the project morphed into Google Glass Enterprise in 2017. Recently, a highly valued private company, Magic Leap, released an AR headset called Magic Leap One. These are first generation devices and have yet to achieve significant consumer adoption. Much like waves One and Two, Third Wave innovations can sound like science fiction, but we tend to always underestimate the speed of progress and the depth of amazing ideas and devices that are bound to change our lives.

Almost everyone owns a mobile phone nowadays and we have become heavily dependent on this portable small device made of plastic and glass. Whether it is booking a cab or buying grocery items, watching a movie or clicking awesome pics, mobile phones turned out to be a device that is more than just making calls and sending messages. They bring a complete entertainment package and become an intrinsic part of modern life and culture.


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